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Article I. PURPOSE

The purpose of the Hendersonville Area Computer Society (HACS) shall be to provide and promote the dissemination and exchange of computer related information of an educational nature to its members having comparable interests in Computers. The objectives for which HACS shall be formed are as follows:

Section 1. To engage in the educational interchange of ideas, techniques and information for the broader and more effective usage of computerized hardware and software.

Section 2. To hold meetings and sponsor lectures, seminars and workshops on the latest developments in equipment and software.

Section 3. To propose, publish, and distribute among its members bulletins and newsletters to keep its members advised on the affairs and proposals of HACS and the current state of the art.

Section 4. To acquire, purchase, sell, lease, either as lessee or lessor, mortgage, pledge, or hypothecate real and personal property and, in general, to carry on any function, business and act incident thereto or necessary to carry out the purposes of the organization not forbidden by the laws of the State of North Carolina.


The Hendersonville Area Computer Society (herein called the Society) shall be a non-profit organization composed of members who have expressed an interest in furthering the purposes of the Society.


Section 1. GENERAL MEMBERSHIP: Membership shall be open to all who share the objectives of the Society and who have applied for membership in and have paid annual dues to, the Society. Members are expected to contribute time and knowledge to the Society within their capabilities when the need arises.

Section 2. CLASSES: There are three classes of membership (1) Regular Members (an individual), (2) Family Members (all members of an immediate family) and (3) Complimentary Members


Section 1. GENERAL. Elected Officers supported by Committees as specified herein conduct the business of the Society. Every Member over the age of 18 shall be eligible for office. Officers of the Society are the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Additional Vice Presidents and assistants to the Secretary and Treasurer offices may be on the slate of officers on the advice and counsel of the Executive Committee. Each must be a Member in good standing and shall be elected at the last regular meeting of the calendar year to serve a one-year term. Each officer shall assume office at the beginning of the next calendar year. A Vacancy in the office of President shall be filled by the (1st) Vice President. A vacancy in any other office shall be filled by appointment by the President.

Section 2. PRESIDENT: The President shall be responsible for directing the business of the Society. The President will preside at all regular and special meetings and shall be the Chairperson of the Executive Committee. The President shall establish special committees as needed and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. The President may not serve more than two consecutive terms but may be elected to a later term.

Section 3. VICE PRESIDENT: In the absence of the President, or at the President's request, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President. The Executive Committee may assign special duties to the office of Vice President with such duties being divided among the Vice Presidents if more than one.

Section 4. SECRETARY:
The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings and shall be responsible for normal correspondence of the Society.

Section 5. TREASURER:
The treasurer shall be responsible for receiving and disbursing all Society funds. The Treasurer shall deposit all monies collected by the Society in the Society's name and shall not make any expenditures greater than $125.00 unless approved by the Executive Committee.


The standing committees of the Society are the Education, Executive, Library, Membership, Newsletter, and Program Committees. Special committees may be created as necessary. Each committee will normally consist of a Chairperson and two members. The President appoints the Chairperson of each committee. The committee Chairperson will appoint the members of his committee. When approved by the President and in circumstances where a Member may have special abilities needed by that committee, more than three members are authorized.

Section 1. EDUCATION COMMITTEE: The Education Committee shall be responsible for the development and presentation of computer-related training programs at the applicable meeting of the Society.

Section 2. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the Officers of the Society, the Immediate Past President, and the Chairpersons of the Standing Committees. The Executive Committee will conduct the ordinary and necessary business of the Society within guidelines set by the membership.

Section 3. LIBRARY COMMITTEE: The Library Committee shall be responsible for maintaining the Society's public domain, freeware and shareware library of software for sale to the membership. In addition, the committee maintains a library of computer books, video, & CD's for loan to the members of the club.

The Membership Committee shall be responsible for the maintenance of the Society's membership database. In conjunction with this duty, the Committee shall oversee the collection of dues and provide an orderly and timely transfer of collected dues to the Treasurer. The use of the Society's mailing list is restricted to Society business only.

The Newsletter Committee shall be responsible for the preparation, production, and distribution of the Society's newsletter. The Editor shall be the Chairperson of the committee and will organize and publish in the newsletter the Society's functions, plans, pertinent news, and other articles that may be of interest. A list of sale or wanted items by members may be published. Commercial advertisements may be included at a nominal cost to the sponsor. No annual dues are to be assessed the Editor for his membership.

Section 6. PROGRAM COMMITTEE: The Program Committee shall be responsible for arranging appropriate activities at each function of the Society.

The Advertising Committee shall be responsible for soliciting advertisements appearing in the monthly HACS newsletter.

Section 8. DOOR PRIZES COMMITTEE: The Door Prizes Committee shall be responsible for obtaining prizes for the monthly meeting.

Section 9. PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE: The Public Relations Committee shall be responsible for all interactions with the media relative to the society.

The Web Page Committee shall be responsible for maintenance and updating of the societies web site.

Section 11. WELCOMING COMMITTEE: The Welcoming Committee shall be responsible for welcoming members and visitors to all society meetings.


Regular meetings of the Society are to be held monthly, or as determined by the Executive Committee, at a place that meets the needs of the Society. Meetings normally will consist of an education session, a business session, and a program provided by the Program Committee. It shall be expected that most business shall be accomplished by the members of the Executive Committee and the standing committees, and shall be reported during the monthly meeting as a matter of information to the members.

Section 1. The Executive Committee shall present changes, if any, in the amount, time and manner of payment of dues to the membership for approval at or before the November meeting. Section 2. A person not currently serving as a member of the Executive Committee shall carry out auditing financial records on a yearly basis.

Section 1. PROCESS: A Special Nominating Committee shall present nominations for elected Officers at the October meeting. In addition, the names of the nominees shall be published (via the Society's website, newsletter, electronic mail or other means) for the membership to view prior to the election of officers at the November meeting.

Section 2. VOTING RIGHTS: There shall be one vote allocated per membership (individual, family, and complimentary). Multiple person memberships may cast one vote per membership.


Section 1. SUBMISSION: Any member in good standing may offer proposed amendments to this Constitution. Amendments, in writing, must be submitted to a member of the Executive Committee at least one week prior to a scheduled meeting. The member proposing the amendment will be included in the Executive Committee as a voting member for this purpose only.

Section 2. . REVIEW AND FORWARDING: The Executive Committee will review the proposed amendment and, if positive, will forward both the amendment and the Executive Committee's recommendation to the membership via Email.

The proposed amendment will be voted on at the next General Meeting. Adoption will require a simple majority of the members in attendance.

Section 4. PUBLICATION: An approved amendment will be published in the Society's newsletter (A:>PROMPT) at the earliest convenient opportunity.

Adopted by majority vote of the membership on November 6, 1989.
Revised by majority vote of the membership on January 8, 1990.
Revised by majority vote of the membership on July 9, 1990.
Revised by majority vote of the membership on February 11, 1991
Revised by majority vote of the membership on November 18, 2002
Revised by majority vote of the membership on August 18, 2003