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November 2007

Our annual meeting focussed upon Tips, Tricks, and Issues with members providing input on their favorites. Jerry compiled a few and they are HERE in a web format . Lamar presented his own on resizing digital pictures (this is a PDF file about 4MEG). Brian's input will be forthcoming so check back here for it.


Brian provided us with some great insight into the process for "troubleshooting". Here is a case of "Do as I tell you and not as I did!" as Brain shared one of his latest experiences.


Does your system need cleaning? CCleaner is a freeware system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space.

Tip -

Have you ever looked into what programs are running in the background on startup and could not decided whether to shut them down because you did not know what they were?

  • See what is running by - Select START, then RUN, then typing in MSCONFIG, and the click on START UP tab to see all the things that are running.
  • You can then go to "". Downloading this list will let you decide which applications can be unchecked so that you get a faster startup and free up resources so the CPU runs better.
  • Additionally you can go to "" and check
    each file individually while on line.